We are now using a SkyVac gutter clearing vacuum that has been specifically engineered and extensively tested to cope with all sorts of gutter debris. From moss, fallen leaves and bird mess through to deep-rooted turf in the downpipe, the SkyVac system efficiently and effectively remove blockages all from the safety of the ground. So if you have a tricky to reach gutter then get in touch as this is the ideal system to clean you gutter with no ladder required, it can access up to 4 stories high.

It benefits from:

  • An on-board power plant making it completely independent of any electrical supply requirements.
  • Is housed on an all-terrain framework allowing you to manoeuvre the system down side paths and narrow spaces with ease.
  • With an extremely powerful vacuum capacity, this unique system will lift and remove the heaviest of waste matter from gutters up to 40ft from the ground.
  • Made of super strong carbon fibre, this incredibly lightweight yet super strong pole system offers the operator greater manoeuvrability.
  • There is also a SkyCam Wireless Camera System, which is ideal for high-level inspection projects. The operator gets clear visibility of the progress & can capture before and after images/videos.