Lead is a traditional roofing material that is used in many aspects of roofing. Lead comes in a number of sizes and different codes, the code relates to the thickness of the lead. It starts at code 3 and goes up to any desired thickness.

As a guide, Code 3 lead is used for lead soakers, code 4 lead is used for lead cover flashings, code 5 lead is predominantly used for capping, cladding and lead bays. The codes above this are used for any bays that are of a larger length or width or specifically specified by a designer, architect or surveyor.

London Roofing Ltd is able to carry out all aspects of lead work, we have an in house lead specialist who is able to carry out all lead works, including lead welding.

With all new lead roofs, we would be able to provide a London Roofing 10-year guarantee.