London Roofing has been supporting Managing Agents looking after some of the most prestigious properties in London for over three decades - with some of our relationships spanning all of those 30 years. We totally understand the pressures and sensitivities of your job and love being part of your dedicated client response team.

We know that when you get that call from a resident you will be judged on how quickly the problem is dealt with and we have sufficient resources to respond to every situation – striving to be on site the same day, deal with the situation and keep you fully updated.

We also know that you want the job fixed in the most appropriate and cost effective way, if possible dealing with the immediate issue on site, then updating you with any further works that are needed.

In our day-to-day work for Managing Agents, we also appreciate that nothing is simple: access to buildings is often difficult - so we are flexible working around your landlord or tenants availability. When we are there, we appreciate that we are walking into someone’s home and are respectful of that and are highly professional.


Many of our clients take advantage of our Planned Roof Cleaning & Maintenance service. This cost effective service has become increasingly popular with residential and commercial clients alike, who know that most insurance policies no longer cover the cost of water damage and remedial works caused by lack of maintenance, which can so easily be avoided. The service includes the cleaning of nominated roof surfaces, moss removal, leaf removal and clearance of all other debris. We also ensure waterways and gullies are cleaned and cleared on a regular basis, which in turn allows proper water escape.

Obviously, with multiple buildings to look after we understand that your annual planning is much more complex than that of a normal householder or single property landlord, so we offer a special service for Managing Agents to help you to anticipate, scope and cost such expenditure ranging from regular roof maintenance through to the decoration of a building’s public areas.

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Building relationships, adding value, providing solutions

Here’s what our Managing Agent clients say about us:

The best thing about London Roofing is that I have never once had to ask them to go back and sort out a job because they haven’t completed it properly. They have a great can do attitude – as agents we are paid to solve problems so need this sort of attitude from contractors as it saves us time and keeps our clients happy
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